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Online Magazine: Savona News

Date: 24/03/2022

Mobili Piombini: for four generations the furnishing solutions of great craftsmen

Mobili Piombini is among the most important Italian companies in the area: their offer is based on tradition, on the beauty of Italian design, on strong values that they have been carrying on for four generations. The artisans who are part of Piombini really care about the balance of each piece of furniture: design, functionality, Italian character. Unparalleled quality, for a piece of furniture that we can bring into our homes, that will stay with us forever, but at an affordable cost.

Discovering the history of Mobili Piombini is fascinating, because the business has more than a hundred years of work behind it. Their philosophy is based on making furniture the way it used to be, with that attention to detail that has never gone out of fashion, but has remained firmly rooted in tradition. What can we say then about the furnishing solutions with Mobili Piombini, truly infinite in their combinations? We delve into the company’s history, catalogue and values.


Online Magazine: Targato CN

Date: 18/03/2022

Piombini mobili: the values of a historic company

When we think about the furniture we want to buy for our home, we have a wide choice of brands and manufacturers at our disposal. However, one company in particular stands out on the Italian scene: Piombini Mobili. And it does so thanks to its values, which have always remained the same: Italian character, craftsmanship, quality of a certain level. Without ever forgetting tradition, but at the same time innovation, to keep up with the times.

For those who are looking for new furnishings for their home, Piombini mobili is ready to offer any solution, for any environment. On piombini.it you can learn more about their history and view the catalogue. Let’s take a closer look at the values of this historic company.


Online magazie: Questioni Di Arredamento

Date: 03/03/2022

Piombini: furniture with timeless design and all-Italian quality

How to furnish the house? By choosing only quality furniture, handmade with Italian passion. If there is one place we need to focus on, to make it perfect in every way, it is the home, the place where we take refuge, relax, daydream. With Piombini, you can furnish rooms by investing in Italian craftsmanship: the best in the world, timeless design.

Piombini Mobili has a history behind it, a tradition that has been going on for more than a hundred years. And that would be enough to win our hearts: after all, when there is passion, it shows. Piombini design furniture suggests enchantment, quality, excellence, Italian manufacture. What could be better to make our home even more beautiful? We find out more about their company and the products they sell.


Online magazie: Marketing Per Arredatori

Date: 23/02/2022

Piombini outlet: furnish your home with valuable furniture at affordable prices

With Piombini Outlet, you can furnish your home with precious furniture, but without spending much. It is the dream of all of us, after all. We feel that home is our safe haven, the place to take refuge after work, study and daily tasks. And what could be better than coming home and enjoying the beauty of quality furniture, made by Italian craftsmen as it used to be done?

There is poetry in carrying on the tradition, in woodworking, in every piece of furniture that is cared for with one’s own hands, from the main stage – choosing the wood – to the final one, quality control. Piombini Outlet, however, has proposed a further advantage: the opportunity to bring a collector’s piece into your own home, but at affordable prices. A real creative recovery, allowing you to save money in style. Discover the affordable prices of Piombini outlet: many solutions for every room.


Online magazie: HOUSE MAG

Date: 09/02/2022

Mobili Piombini: how important the selection of materials is for quality furniture

Handcrafted furniture is the best: we are faced with an unparalleled enhancement, with a rather high attention to detail and materials. And it is precisely the selection of materials that makes the difference, especially when we want to achieve excellence. To buy quality furniture, we can turn to Italian craftsmen: Mobili Piombini has been bringing added value to the homes of the Belpaese for four generations and more than a hundred years.

Making furniture the old-fashioned way means paying the utmost attention to every step, from the very first one, which is the choice of material. The selection, in fact, makes it possible to make an important selection, and does not only concern the aesthetics or the final performance of the furniture, but also its intrinsic characteristics, such as long-term resistance. With the best Piombini furniture, you can furnish your home and give it a soul: timeless beauty.



Date: 02/02/2022

Piombini: how quality furniture is made, as beautiful and durable as it once was

Let’s discover Italian craftsmen, furniture as it used to be made, with commitment, passion, the excellence of materials, the search for perfection. And we do this with Piombini Mobili, whose passion is part of their DNA. For four generations, for more than a hundred years, they have been furnishing the homes of Italians with extreme class and elegance, offering furniture made with a perfect balance between design, functionality and form. Not forgetting, of course, its Italian character, the company’s enormous strength.

How do you create furniture that is as durable as it once was? We are used to buying furniture in series nowadays: they all look a bit alike, and there really is no personalised touch, that detail that makes the difference. For Piombini, however, every piece of furniture must respect a secret “recipe”: quality, uniqueness and Italian character. This is why the furniture is still created according to tradition, without forgetting innovation. Let’s discover the company by delving into Piombini’s quality furniture.


Online magazie: Live Casa

Date: 28/01/2022

Piombini furniture: handmade in Italy

When we want to renovate the rooms in our house, we are faced with some important choices: for example, whether to buy furniture from large retailers or furniture made by hand in Italy. Furniture is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also a set of decisive factors, such as functionality and durability. With Piombini Mobili, you can find this and much more: the possibility of adding a unique piece to your home.

Would you like to change the look of your home, but haven’t found a piece of furniture that excites you? Take a look at piombini.it: you will find a rich catalogue waiting for you, with numerous proposals and also an outlet where you can evaluate unique products of great value at a super convenient price. All 100% Made in Italy.


Online magazine: Blog Arredamento

Date: 18/01/2022


Thinking about our home warms our hearts: it is the place we need to relax, to take refuge from the world. And it is for this reason that we should furnish it following our heart, choosing furniture as it was once made by Italian craftsmen: Mobili Piombini is the perfect solution for every room in the house.

In their DNA there is passion, attention to materials, to the quality of each piece of furniture, which is thus unique and special, without equal. The handcrafted furniture of Piombini Furniture is just what we were looking for to bring a touch of uniqueness and quality into the home.


Online magazie: Casa e Trend

Date: 15/01/2022


Are you considering furniture to furnish your home? Choose only the best and go for craftsmanship with Piombini Mobili: the Italian craftsmen who make every room in your home more beautiful thanks to the convenient (and valuable) outlets you can find on their Piombini Outlet. Off-site construction is one of the most cost-effective ways of modifying your home, mainly because it is cost-effective, but not only.

Because, with PiombiniMobili, you don’t bring a piece of furniture into your home, but a piece of history, handcrafted, Italian and functional. Their furniture proposes a timeless style, which is well suited to any context, from the most contemporary to the classics. And the latter, we must say, is that timeless style that will never fade and with which we continue to fall in love.


Online magazine: Finanza Report

Date: 07/01/2022

Piombini mobili: history of an italian company

Let’s discover Italian craftsmen: Piombini Mobili has a long history of passion, quality and commitment, just like in the old days. For four generations, it has been at the service of Italians to offer only the best in excellence: after all, the furniture that makes up our homes should always have a soul.

The house is a bit like our safe haven, where we return after work, after a holiday. Which is why we should always choose furnishings that can convey all the passion and sense of family and uniqueness we need. The Italian character of Piombini furniture is another point in its favour: discover all Piombini furniture accessories.


Online magazine: Artigiani365

Date: 27/12/2021

Piombini: Italian craftsmanship for quality and timeless furniture

When we think of our home, we want it to be pleasant, comfortable, to make us feel good, to give us a feeling of ‘family’. And it is in this context that the possibility of purchasing Piombini furniture, the Italian manufacture that has always been the pride of our Bel Paese, fits in.
Seeking quality, timeless furniture is a vocation for many: the desire to show off a piece with unique, special or sought-after details is a source of pride, because the home is often an extension of our personality.
Where can we find 100% Italian furniture of excellent quality? On piombini.it, craftsmen have been serving the furniture industry for more than a hundred years.

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