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Modern shaped table with wooden top Modigliani collection Piombini

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Modern shaped fixed table with wooden top

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 75 cm

81 classic walnut finish, 94 deep walnut finish


Shaped table with an informal elegance and a seductive soul.

It is an amusing contrast of movements between the linear and discreet surface and the legs that seem to be in harmonious movement. He greets you with empathy, revealing the culture and passion of those who, by hand, have made each home exceptional.

His fervour makes him unique. An effective combination of glamour and versatility, the Modigliani collection leaves nothing to improvisation.

Not just a table, but the protagonist of a journey, that of beauty, made up of harmonious geometries given by the natural flaming inherent in the essence of walnut wood, the original touch of the legs, the creative detail that celebrates the mastery of artisan hands and the precious symmetries that come from the noble working techniques of a long Italian tradition.

The Modigliani Table is a unique collector’s piece in your home.

Shaped fixed table with wooden top with an aesthetically compact and finely delineated design, lightness of volume thanks to the design of the legs that enhances maximum elegance.

Base in solid Canaletto Walnut, top in Canaletto Walnut plated blockboard and solid Canaletto Walnut.

Our furniture is signed externally, one by one, with our logo synonymous with excellence, experience and quality.

On our furniture, we sign our name on the inside with a real leather label bearing our name, number and year of manufacture, because every product that leaves our workshop is unique.

All our creations are exclusively Italian and come from the talents of craftsmen’s hands that still preserve the processing and tradition of wood.

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