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Table in rustic Oak or Ash wood, with steel trapeze legs. «Lo Stravagante» table, iTavoli collection by Piombini.

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Table in rustic Oak or Ash wood, with steel trapeze legs, «Lo Stravagante»

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Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 160 × 95 × 75 cm

In photo finish in rustic Oak with top in version 1 bevelled on top.

Extension measures:

50 x 95/100 cm

Top Profile

1 Bevelled top, 2 Bevelled top underneath, 3 Straight top

Top Dimensions

160 x 95, 180 x 95, 200 x 100, 240 x 100

Available finishes

061 Antique Brown, 062 Antique Cream, 063 Antique Grey, 064 Antique Black, F11 Ash Walnut, RR10 Rustic Oak


A table of rigorous beauty, where the tangible consistency of wood meets the sinuous purity of design. Much more than a simple table, this is how “Lo Stravagante” by Piombini presents itself: an elegant work of art that takes us back to welcoming domestic atmospheres for a light and refined overall vision capable of looking at new living horizons. Creativity, material and rediscovery of natural elements give this table a touch of class, robustness and elegance, the ultimate expression of excellent workmanship.
Perfect balances between natural recalls, shining touches and exaltation of shapes obtained only thanks to the touch of the noble hands of Italian craftsmen.
iTavoli collection, refined purity of form.

Table with fixed wooden top and trapezoidal base made of high-strength powder-coated steel, colour black, which provides aesthetic compactness and high stability. A table that enhances all the typical details of wood, from the grain to the shades of colour and the typical knots of the trunk. All together they seem to create a picture to ponder and admire. Different designs, materials and effects interact with each other, adding their peculiarities and qualities to create exceptional aesthetics, always at the service of functionality. All this makes it perfect in the kitchen as well as in the dining room for an increasingly familiar everyday concept. The harmony given by the two materials together enhances the skill, creativity and exclusivity typical of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Rustic oak wood and steel

Our furniture is signed externally, one by one, with our logo synonymous with excellence, experience and quality.

On our furniture, we sign our name on the inside with a real leather label bearing our name, number and year of manufacture, because every product that leaves our workshop is unique.

All our creations are exclusively Italian and come from the talents of craftsmen’s hands that still preserve the processing and tradition of wood.

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