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Modular system made of natural oak wood and steel cubes. “Kit Fantasia, Dinamica collection by Piombini.


Modular system made of natural oak wood and steel cubes, “Kit Fantasia”.


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Additional information


In photo rustic oak wood finish.
In the last photo, benches have been composed with "Il Kit Fantasia" and matched to the table "Il Conviviale" by Piombini.

Dimensions of shelves:

L. 40-80-120-160-200-240 P. 38 Sp. 5,4 cm

Chassis dimensions:

L. 38 P. 40 H. 43 cm


“Kit Fantasia” is a real kit of cubes and shelves in natural Oak wood at the service of functionality.
This kit allows you to unleash your imagination, create and satisfy all your furnishing needs.
It is a combination of style and practicality, super functional and aesthetically impeccable. The light and minimalist structure of the metal cubes, enriched by the shelves in natural Oak wood, in different sizes, allow you to create personalised furnishing elements adaptable to every environment and every need: as a bookcase you can create fun benches to sit on, the benches can become tables, the tables can become shelves and the shelves become a whole bookcase again when you want.
It’s all about giving room for creativity!
Perfect balances between natural recalls, shining touches and exaltation of shapes obtained only thanks to the touch of the noble hands of Italian craftsmen.
Dynamic collection, refined purity of form.

Metal cubes and shelves in natural Oak Wood make up a real kit from which you can create extremely versatile and functional pieces of furniture to suit your needs. Any piece of furniture you create is capable of withstanding heavy weights because metal and Oak wood create a very solid and strong structure. The metal is powder-coated in black, which gives it additional robustness and adds a touch of industrial style. The harmony given by the two materials together enhances the skill, creativity and exclusivity typical of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Natural oak wood and steel

Our furniture is signed externally, one by one, with our logo synonymous with excellence, experience and quality.

On our furniture, we sign our name on the inside with a real leather label bearing our name, number and year of manufacture, because every product that leaves our workshop is unique.

All our creations are exclusively Italian and come from the talents of craftsmen’s hands that still preserve the processing and tradition of wood.

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