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iGins walnut Chest of Drawers with 3 drawers and feet.


3-drawer Chest of Drawers; Walnut wood top, Walnut wood feet


Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 120 × 47 × 85 cm

Talc-coloured interior and exterior trim


drawers with push – pull system.


Brushed plated walnut for the top, solid brushed walnut for the feet, wood fibre boards covered with melamine with a silky feel.


Chest of drawers characterised by well-defined lines, skilfully crafted by artisans and preciously finished in every detail.

The top and feet are made of Walnut wood, which creates a natural and refined colour combination, creating a real scenery.

The talc-coloured finishes on the outside and inside of the dresser have a velvet touch.

Its linear and timeless design aspires to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes, making it ideal for both living and sleeping areas.

A synergistic balance between refined details, simple style and soft finishes make it capable of satisfying everyone’s needs and tastes.

We have carefully finished our furniture to the smallest detail so that it can also fit in the centre of your room.

Our furniture is signed externally, one by one, with our logo synonymous with excellence, experience and quality.

On our furniture, we sign our name on the inside with a real leather label bearing our name, number and year of manufacture, because every product that leaves our workshop is unique.

All our creations are exclusively Italian and come from the talents of craftsmen’s hands that still preserve the processing and tradition of wood.

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