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Chest of drawers Chest of drawers Classic wooden cabinet cherry finish L. 70 Arte Piombini


Classical 7-Drawer Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers. Finished in GRN14 Bassano Chiaro Anticato collection Arte Piombini.

The 7 drawers have a useful internal measurement of about L.49 P. 29 H. 10.5 cm.

New product made for photographic set available 1 piece only in prompt delivery.

Dimensions W 70 D 40 H 120 cm


-60% di Sconto

In stock

Additional information

Weight 66 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 120 cm
Available finishes

GRN14 Bassano Light Antique


Classical Drawer Chest Chest Furniture with elegant and cozy shapes. Precious finishes and essential lines give grace and harmony.

A «resistant lightness» deriving from the naturalness and strength of the wood worked by skilled craftsmen who created it down to the smallest detail.

Its beauty and timeless style frame your most cherished possessions, memories, book collections and objects, providing the best home you can find for them by taking you to a magical place every day.

A continuous oscillation between meticulous details, elegant personality and balanced proportions make it capable of satisfying everyone’s needs and tastes. Furniture Weekly Drawer Chest Classic Art, immerse yourself in the most natural experience there is. Elegant and sophisticated design, sober and soft lines for a timeless style. Painstaking and careful processing of cherry wood. All the finishes on offer are handmade by experienced Italian craftsmen.


Structure, frames, plinth in solid wood. Sides, bottoms, backs, shelves are made of anegre and tanganyika plated wood fiber. Drawer frame made of plywood and front made of anegre and tanganika wood plated blockboard. The functional parts of mechanisms and hinge handles are made of brass or zamak alloy in different finishes.


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