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Bed with iGins walnut wood boiserie.


Bed equipped with walnut boiserie-headboard.


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Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 170 × 206 × 120 cm

Brushed walnut plated for the boiserie-headboard. Bedstead with tailoring in the corners, 100% polyester, removable, washable.

Headboard dimensions

170 X 120 cm


The protagonist of the picture is the perfect balance between the Walnut wood, which creates a natural and refined chromatic combination, and the effect of soft suspension of the bed given by the fusion of natural elements: fabric and wood.

The overall impression is one of brilliance and elegance, unconventionally enlivening the surroundings and giving them personality and character. A detail capable of giving a new look to the location, creating a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere, thus satisfying everyone’s tastes.

We have carefully finished our furniture to the smallest detail so that it can also fit in the centre of your room.

On our furniture, we sign our name on the inside with a real leather label bearing our name, number and year of manufacture, because every product that leaves our workshop is unique.

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