In our DNA

Passion is part of our DNA. This great ally who supports us every day, and has done so for four generations.
Without passion you can't take a step! We are the testimony of a concrete reality that has existed for over 100 years and that thanks to the love for wood and artisanal furniture, thanks to the talent of hands capable of giving shape to nature and thanks to the constant search for the perfect balance between design, shapes and functionality we are an inexhaustible source of quality, uniqueness and Italian style.

Our passion for QUALITY is contained in the choice of raw materials and attention to detail. All this leads to the creation of furniture designed to last over time because we want a piece of furniture to be much more than a simple furnishing element, it must be a real life companion that reflects quality, strength and beauty.

Our passion for UNIQUENESS comes from tradition and the creative flair of skilled craftsmen capable of giving voice to what are truly unique works. Each piece of furniture is unique because it contains within itself a soul that derives not only from hard-working hands and minds, but also from the heart of its creator, inheriting his personality and emotions.

Our passion for ITALIANITY is preserved in the admiration for our country. We like to keep traditions and the territory alive and reward our talents. We like to say that our furniture has Italian DNA because all the phases, the raw materials and the noble hands of those who make it are all very Italian.

First we put our heart into our furniture and immediately afterwards...

Curiosity. Did you know that…

Our logo is a blue elephant. Tino, that's his name and we chose him because the elephant, in the world, symbolizes strength, wisdom, loyalty and memory. Tino has an erect trunk because, according to tradition, it brings good luck and it is blue in color because, symbolically, it is the color that represents knowledge, security, reliability and trust. These are all values ​​in which we recognize ourselves and which we carry forward every day.

«Delivering creations that continue to live in homes, capable of supporting people every day
as real life companions, it means bringing the values ​​that distinguish us into homes
through our furniture.
This is the dream we live every day."

(cit. Team Piombini and Tino)