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In our DNA

Passion is part of our DNA. This great ally has been with us every day for four generations.
Without passion you don’t take a step! We are the testimony of a concrete reality that has existed for over 100 years. Thanks to our love of wood and handcrafted furniture, thanks to the talent of our hands capable of giving shape to nature and thanks to the constant search for the perfect balance between design, form and function, we are an inexhaustible source of quality, uniqueness and Italian character.

Our passion for QUALITY s embodied in the choice of raw materials and attention to detail. All of this leads to furniture that is meant to last because we want a piece of furniture to be more than just a piece of furniture, it must be a true companion in life that reflects quality, strength and beauty.

Our passion for UNIQUENESS stems from tradition and the creative flair of skilled craftsmen who are able to give voice to what are truly unique works. Each piece of furniture is unique because it contains within it a soul that derives not only from hard-working hands and minds, but also from the heart of its maker, inheriting his personality and emotions.

Our passion for ITALIANITY is enshrined in our admiration for our country. We like to keep traditions and territory alive and reward our talents. We like to say that our furniture has tricolour DNA because all the stages, the raw materials and the noble hands of those who make them are all very Italian.

How it used to be done

We do it ‘the old-fashioned way’ and it is the time we devote to our furniture that makes it eternal.

First of all, there is time: the careful eye of our craftsman chooses the best wood to use and then cuts it, selecting the best parts. These are then put together and this is how our work takes shape.
The furniture then passes into the hands of ‘del lustrin’, as we call the craftsman who paints the furniture. He gives definition to all details, thus giving them a soul. This phase is followed by the ragging phase, in which an expert hand passes a cloth over the surface, which removes the stain in places where the wood has not naturally absorbed it. Once the product has dried, it is sanded again and more or less passes are made here, depending on the effect and style we want to give our furniture.
The last coat gives a protective veil to the product and if the product is classic, a natural protective beeswax is also applied. Finally, the furniture is checked by ‘expert eyes’ who personally ascertain that the product conforms to Piombini’s quality standards and only at the end is the mark affixed to real leather and always by hand.

All this is done exclusively by hand and in Italy by experienced people.

We put our heart into our furniture first and then we…


They are an obsession for us: we take great care in selecting the best materials to make our furniture and defining the details. The quality of the raw materials is necessary to achieve the perfect balance between functionality and high aesthetics. Every natural material chosen, every nuance and every process distinguishes a collection. The search for quality in materials also focuses on their reliability and durability.


It is part of our culture and our desire to always move forward. We personally take care of the stylistic and technological research without ever losing sight of functionality and top quality.
The development of new solutions with a focus on style is continuous and is always aimed at interpreting living trends and providing maximum freedom of combination in line with lifestyle.


Each piece of our furniture is made with the aim of fulfilling its function over a long period of time, always guaranteeing the highest quality.
This is why we always pay great attention to the mechanical components, testing them personally and several times, because we believe that durability is guaranteed by the quality of the entire project.
Correct weight distribution, the certainty of perfect levelling of each individual element, the perfect movement of the doors and the smooth running of the drawers are essential for us..

Did you know that…

Our logo is a little blue elephant.
Tino, that’s his name and we chose him because the elephant, in the world, symbolises strength, wisdom, loyalty and memory.
Tino has an upright trunk because, according to tradition, it brings good luck and is blue because, symbolically, it is the colour that represents knowledge, security, reliability and trust.
These are all values that we identify with and carry forward every day when making furniture.

“Delivering creations that live on in the home, capable of supporting people every day.
as true life companions, it means bringing our values into the home.
through our furniture.
This is the dream we live every day.».


(quoting Team Piombini and Tino)


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