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About us

We dedicate interior design experiences to anyone looking for unique objects. This is why our products are in stark contrast to those made by large retailers.

Handcrafted products made in Italy, preserving the tradition of woodworking.

Furniture to live with, values to pass on. We have learnt to be sensitive to new market needs, to cater for changing and very different lifestyles, to meet demands from different countries and tastes. Always faithful to ourselves and to the craftsmanship that represents our territory.


We work to innovate the idea of furnishing.

We make furniture for non-conformist and creative people who want to build their own unique and personal living experience around a “pure” object. We guarantee quality design and love perfection in every detail.

This is why we carefully follow the products, always remaining faithful to the territory and the tradition of handcrafted woodworking.

Our values are based on modern communication, commitment, originality and tradition.

We chose as our logo a little elephant, a symbol of memory and wisdom. Our mission is to introduce people to furniture by creating unique pieces and explaining our passion through them. We are also committed to building a relationship of trust with those who want to share this unique experience with us.


Passion in his heart, many dreams in his soul, a talent in his hands that gives shape to nature: this is how Mario Piombini began, in the province of Verona, to model and give life to artistic furniture, to follow his vocation, to pursue a professional path that would take the Piombini name to the present day. A name collected from 4 generations, more than 95 years of history, a great family passion: the passion for Italian handcrafted furniture and the constant search for the perfect balance between design, form and function.

Our history has been handed down from father to son, since 1925 when the Piombini family began a story that continues every day in the homes of those who choose our products.



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