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  /  A great piece of furniture handcrafted in small installments

You can buy handcrafted Piombini furniture even more affordably and pay for it a little at a time.
For YOU, we have provided 18 small monthly installments at no extra cost, zero interest (0% TAN and 0% APR) and you start paying after 30 days!

The procedure is quick and easy:

  1. Put your products in the cart and choose SOISY at the time of payment.
  2. Get the outcome in minutes and keep it handy:
    – IBAN on which to charge payments
    – Identity document
    – Tessera sanitaria (la chiediamo solo in alcuni casi)
  3. Enjoy your purchase, you’ll start paying for it after 30 days!

Our desire is to be closer and closer to YOU.



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